Basic Information

Research & Production Corporation “Trubostal”, Ltd., created 1989, is one of more successfully working enterprises of tube & pipe industry of Ukraine. Production sites of the R&PC “Trubostal”, Ltd. are situated in Nikopol and occupy an area of more than 5 hectares. Trubostal has in its body plant for manufacture centrifugally cast tubes and pipes and is the biggest in Ukraine manufacturer of these products. There are also there the olant for manufacture tube elbows, reducers, tees, caps, flanges, production site of cold-strained seamless tubes and plastic tanks including baths, as well as mechano-assembly production. The enterprise is the owner of a net of auto-salons, auto-service, trading network. Trubostal carries out a great-scale innovative activity. Centrifugally cast tubes and pipes, and components of pipe-lines manufactured at the R&PC “Trubostal”, Ltd. are used not only in Ukraine, but they are also exported in large quantities abroad. R&PC “Trubostal”, Ltd. is the collective member of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences. High-qualified staff, in which body there are Doctors of Sciences, pursues active technical policy of improvement of technology and equipment, study and use of the world experience, creation of up-to-date products. Manager of the R&PC “Trubostal”, Ltd.: General Director, Dr Alexander I.Feldman, Honoured Worker of the Industry of Ukraine.


Pipe / Profile Manufacturer