Basic Information

Their products include straight seam welded pipe, hot galvanized steel pipe, spiral pipe, steel-plastic compound pipe, billet, hot rolled sheet and welding materials. They now have 23 welded pipe production lines, 12 hot galvanized steel pipe production lines, 8 spiral pipe production lines, 5 hot rolled sheet production lines, 3 steel-plastic compound pipe production lines, 6 production lines of electrode for arc welding, 1 welding wire production line and the mill with 1.5 million tons steel capacity annually. The yearly throughputs are 2 million tons welded pipes, 500 kilotons hot galvanized steel pipes, 30 kilotons steel-plastic compound pipes, 200 kilotons spiral pipes, 1.5 million tons billets, 500 kilotons hot rolled sheets, 70 kilotons welding electrodes, and 6 kilotons welding wire. Among them, the production scale and the brand of welded pipe, hot galvanized steel pipe and spiral pipe are in a leading place in the national field. The group realized total revenue over 10 billion yuan in 2006.


Pipe / Profile Manufacturer