Basic Information

The journey which started with the Thermo Pressure Cooker Factory in 1950 continues over half a century. Termikel Group which made up constant development a principle is proud of offering to its consumeres always the better with the investments it carries out according to this vision. Termikel, which carried out the production of the first electric oven with glass, earns the just appreciation of the consumers thanks to its experience of more than half a century, high quality and millions of products in manufactured based on the reliable technology principle. Termikel is among the leading companies in its sector and today it manufactures under the Termikel assurance all kinds of normal and built-in ovens operated by electricity, LPG and natural gas. Termikel has the ISO 9001 quality certificate and all stages from design to after sales service are realized by specialist teams. It identifies the Termikel brand with quality thanks to its worldwide staff of 1.800 people and new white goods factory which has started its operations in the beginning of 2008 with a total manufacturing area of 45.000m2 which is one of the most modern white goods manufacturing plants of Turkey and Europe.


White Goods Industry