Basic Information

Suzhou Baogang Kaiyuan Logistics CO.,Ltd, was incorporated in 1993 with registered capital of RMB twenty million. Over more than ten years, by taking the business philosophy of "sincenty, modesty, perseverance and perfection", the company has been developed quickly and solidly and has formed the development pattern of three blocks, viz. "trade, industry and real estate", which adding radiance and beauty to each other. In 2004, sales volume of this group has broken through RMB 2billion. And this group has been awarded successively the glory titles of "Top 100 private enterprises of Shuzhou City", "Advanced enterprise of Shuzhou City" and "Civilized unit of Suzhou City". Suzhou kaiyuan Metal Materials Co.,Ltd, being a core enterprise of Shuzhou Kaiyuan Group, mainly deals in different kinds of imported and domestic steel materials such as cold and hot sheet metal, medium-thickness plate, galvanized sheet,colour-coated plate and colour-coated baseplate. Kaiyuan Metal, Kaiyuan Chemical, Kaiyuan Stainless Steel are the three trade blocs of Kaiyuan Group. The put into operation of Suzhou Baogang Kaiyuan Logistics CO.,Ltd. shall further develop effectively the trade blocs successfully to the modern logistics by leaps and bounds. The subsidiary of Suzhou Baogang Kaiyuan Logistics CO.,Ltd, Suzhou Yangtze Pre-painted Steel sheet Co.,Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of color-coated steel plates of different kinds; Suzhou Kaiyuan Minsheng Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling medicine intermediate compounds, photosensitive materials and fine chemicals. Suzhou Construction Real Estate DevelopmentCo.,Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Suzhou Baogang Kaiyuan Logistics CO.,Ltd, commits itself to development of high quality and refined house property projects. "Improve living environment and advance living logos" are the etemal pursuit of Suzhou Construction Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Baogang Kaiyuan Logistics CO.,Ltd treats talents as the first competitive power all the time. Based on the principle of "only the talented pelple shall be employed", new vigor has been injected continuously into this group. Humanitarian office enviroment, munificent salaries and incentive system, omnibearing enterprise culture construction,all making each employee enjoys happy mood, contributes experiences and intelligence, therefore common development of employees and company can be realized!


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