Basic Information

IUP Jindal Metals & Alloys Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of High Quality Precision Stainless Steel strips and Soft Magnetic Nickel Alloys. It offers a wide choice of thin and ultra thin cold rolled strips. The precise properties of strips produced, meet the most stringent requirements . The Precession Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloys manufactured are useful in manufacturing of various products like textile machinery, clocks, watches & electrical equipments. IUP (Imphy Ugine Precision), the world leader in Precision Stainless Steel, has provided the company with Technology in addition to the sophisticated equipments, which are the only ones of their kind in India. Jindal Saw Ltd. on its part has merged its Swastik Foils Division in the company. IUP Jindal benefits from Continuous Technical & Marketing support from Arcelor Stainless.


Rolling Mill