Basic Information

Hebei Jingye group is a large group corporation, which annually manufactures 3 million tons of iron, 3 million tons of steel and also merges chemical, generating electricity and entertainment etc. It takes charge of Jingye Smelting Co., Ltd. of Pingshan County, Hebei Jingye Steel Co., Ltd, Hebei Jingye Rolling Steel Co., Ltd, Hebei Jingye Chemical Group Co., Ltd, Jingye Coking & Acetic Co., Ltd, of Pingshan County, Hebei Jingye Hotel, Hebei Yeshengyuan Holiday Village and Hebei Jingye Gangcheng Hotel. There are 7,000 employees in the group now, and the total asset of the group is 4.1 billion yuan. The annual output of salicylic acid is 7,000 tons, which is the most in China. In 2005, the annual sales income is 10.3 billion yuan, tax paid 0.8 billion yuan.


Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)