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HAIER Color Steel

Basic Information
color precoated steel sheet and coil
my company produces and exportS PCM,VCM,PEM and also OEM products overseas for home appliance ,building,decorati on and other use.

Expertise of PPGI Haier Steel, with its mastering and understanding towards the development of the industry, has already formed a completed products system and a wide-spreading application area. At first, the product system of Haier Steel only included PCM-the first generation products, and VCM-the second generation products, but it has developed to include PEM-the third generation environmental products and PPM-the fourth generation products, of which Haier Steel has got the independent intelligent property rights. Currently Haier products can completely satisfy the EU ROHS requests, and has passed the new products authenticates carried by the national committee, especially the research and development on the third generation environmental protection product PEM and the fourth generation products PPM and their wide-spreading application have improved the whole technological level of the household appliances colorful planks of our country. Under the guide of Haier Steel, PEM and PPM have been widely applied into all kinds of household appliances, and largely improved the comparability of the household appliances. The application range of the products is extended, from the white household appliances mainly including refrigerators, washing machine, air-conditioning to the black household appliances mainly including number videos, computers, stereo sets, as well as the special application field of high antisepsis and high transmit heating. Haier Steel have been used in various household appliances applications, including cooling, heating, drying, wetting, and so on. Haier Steel has become the cultivator and leader in the development of the household appliances colorful planks industry, and also successfully develop out such brands of household appliances as SIEMENS、Whirlpool、Panasonic、LG and such OEM operators as Fujikao.


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