Basic Information
We can add a Benefit on the price & Competitiveness towards other suppliers.

EMIRA PACKAGING, S.L. is an international trading company specialized in a wide variety of Tin Mill & Steel products. It was founded by a team of professionals with more than 25 years experience. Our buying potential at the present time is over 200.000 tons per year, and we are buying at least 3000 tons monthly to Chinese suppliers which we supply to worldwide destination ports. Our connection to the packaging industry is very strong as we regularly supply some of the Mill producers with the raw material (black plate) to produce tinplate. We are regarded as a reliable and dynamic trader. Our main objective is to meet the requirements of our suppliers and customers and to always offer the best.


Steel Packaging Manufacturer (incl Drum, tincan)


Asia, Europe, US.. After several years in steel business, we have a reliable group of steel manufacturers to provide our customers with the best material & quality at the best price.