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Owner & CEO of Dublin Scrap Metal in Newark NJ, the Northeast's most prominent full service scrap metal recycling company. At Dublin, we purchase & recycle your non ferrous (aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc) & ferrous scrap metal (iron). Scrap is the left over product from surplus materials, product consumption, building supplies & parts of automobiles. Steel is the most recycled material, that can be recycled many times over. This is not waste to go into a landfill, scrap metal can have significant monetary value if handled by a leading industry recycling company, such as Dublin. Scrap recycling helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by requiring significantly less energy to manufacture products from recyclables than raw materials & by avoiding landfills. Scrap recycling conserves energy & reduces the natural resources that would need to be mined each year. My managing Dublin Scrap Metal over the past 25 years has provided extensive experience in high quality metal trading. My daily interactions with consumers, staff, brokers & steel mills keep me abreast of the current industry conditions to keep Dublin on the cutting edge of scrap metal recycling. The relationships cultivated with brokerages over the years allows Dublin to offer top dollar for the scrap metal from my satisfied customer base. In order to be a single source provider, our solid waste management division, Total Waste Technologies, supplies containers & compactors for recyclable scrap removal. Together the 2 companies are equipped to offer you the best service available at a competitive price. You may have scrap metal that you do not realize could have value. You may even be paying to dispose of this scrap. Dublin consults with their customers & offers customized solutions for the most profitable approach to manage their scrap metal.

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