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We are one of the leading manufacturer & trader companies in Turkish Steel industry which is serving since 1983. Two sons of our founder Mustafa COSKUN are actively managing our Company under him. Although both are in their early thirties, they have more than 20 years of experience in Turkish Steel market! Last year we continued business as a manufacturer of Steel, too. We own a manufacturing plant in Gebze for hot-rolled and cold-drawn products and it is about 22.307 m2 ( 6.825 m2 closed area, 15.482 m2 open area). It has a capacity to manufacture annually 30.000 tons of Steel, and our company will be able to produce bright Steel bars according TS EN 10277 annually 20.000 tons. Despite the ups and downs of the market our 28-year-old Company has been steadily growing ever since its foundation. Expanding from one warehouse to another, today we have reached such stock levels that we can serve our customers to their complete satisfaction. Our Company is the producer and exporter of hot rolled and cold drawn Steel bars and we would like to make our Company and our products known to you. Here is the list of our products: CARBON STEELS : SAE 1020 – SAE 1030 – SAE 1040 – SAE1045 – SAE 1050 – SAE 1060 – CK45 – C45 TOOL STEEL : ST37-2 - ST52-3 – SAE 1008 – SAE 1010 – SAE 1006 FREE CUTTING STEEL: 11SMNPB37 – 30, 11SMN37 – 30 SPRING STEELS : 55CR3 – 60SiMN5 – SAE 9260 – 50CrV4 ALLOY STEELS : SAE 4140 – SAE 5140 (FORGED) HOT ROLLED ROUND BAR : 14 mm to 220 mm SQUARE BAR : 10x10 mm to 60x60 mm HEXAGONAL BAR: HEX 14mm to HEX 56,50 mm FLAT BAR : 10x20 mm to 10x120 mm 50x20 mm to 50x120 mm COLD DRAWN ROUND BAR : 5 mm to 110 mm SQUARE BAR : 10x10 mm to 55x55 mm HEXAGONAL BAR: HEX 7 mm to HEX 55 mm FLAT BAR : 10x20 mm to 10x120 mm 50x20 mm to 50x120 mm For other products and details about our company please click on the link below: For our online catalogue:


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