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Up to 2010 Çolakoğlu Metalurji’s production was focused on long products, namely, billets, reinforcing bars, wirerods and debars in coils. With its half century of experience in steel production, Colakoğlu has now added hot rolled coils to its product range and has started addressing higher value-added segments such as pipes, automotive, white goods, machinery and structural steel. Its 3 million mt crude steel capacity meltshop enables it to produce 2.5 million mt of billets or 3 million mt of slabs. 3 million mt of Colakoğlu’s hot rolling mill capacity is currently in use. Its hot rolled coil production capacity may reach 4.5 million mt with additional investments. Colakoğlu’s meltshop is among the most modern crude steel production plants in the world. Production is made with one of the largest electric arc furnaces in the world of 320 mt casting capacity. The company proved its determination in its efforts to bring state-of-the-art technologies to Turkey by investing in a new meltshop and rolling mill for flat products. With its seven-stand line, Çolakoğlu’s facility is able to produce a wide range of materials from low carbon steels suitable for cold forming up to oil and gas pipes, in thicknesses of 1.1-25.4 mm and widths of 800-1,650 mm.


Crude Steel Producer (BOF, EAF, Mini Mill, Induction Furnace)

Basic Pig Iron, DRI, Ferro Alloys ...

Slab, Billet and Bloom ...

Baltic, CIS, Central Africa ...


3 mton


2017 BUREAU VERITAS UKAS (Quality System Certificate) ISO 9001, manufacture and sales of hot rolled flat steel coils, steel billets, slabs, blooms, deformed reinforcing bars and plain bars
2017 TSE (Turkish Standarts Institution)
2017 KİWA EN 10025-1 Coils thickness from 1 mm to 26 mm.
2017 ISO 14001
2017 OHSAS 18001
2017 BUREAU VERITAS DAKKS (Quality System Certificate) ISO 9001, manufacture and sales of hot rolled flat steel coils, steel billets, slabs, blooms, deforme
2017 Cares Sustainable Constructional Steel Certif. * Production of hot rolled flat steel products * Production of continuously cast steel billets. Product
2017 Cares BS EN ISO 9001 2008 Production of continuously cast steel billets Production of hot rolled steel bar for the reinforcement of concrete 2016
2017 Bre Environmental Product Declaration * Carbon Steel Reinforcing Bar (secondary production route – scrap) * Hot Rolled Flat Steel (secondary productio