Basic Information

Çelik Halat ve Tel Sanayii A.S. has been growing continually since its incorporation, and is with you at every moment of your life in various different areas with its special products that meet international standards and customer expectations. Some of our special products are as follows: Steel Ropes for the construction, marine, fishing, petroleum, mining sectors, and elevators we use all the time; Spring Wires in automobile tires that are an inseparable part of our daily life, inside beds in our homes on which we sleep comfortably, in every kind of industrial applications; Pre-Stressed Concrete Wires in our constructions, in land and rail transportation and irrigation systems; Galvanized Wires and Strands in cables used in energy and telecommunications. Çelik Halat ve Tel Sanayii A.S. continues its journey on the road of constant development with its quality certificates such as TSE EN 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate, Lloyd's Register EMEA (Lloyd's), Anglo Japanese American (AJA); with its high rope quality certified by American Petroleum Institute, the greatest institution in the world petroleum industry, and consequently awarded with the use of API logo; and with its newly developed products; with its understanding of business based on customer satisfaction that is shared by all its employees.


Wire / Steel Rope Producer