Basic Information

The foundation of the company is associated with the year 1918 when the first producion shops for railway carriage manufacturing were built in the area of the present company. The name Jäkl, which was adopted by the factory and its products, is associated with the name of a smith Jäkl of Rýmařov whose patent and experience were used in establishing a horseshoe manufacture. The Czech name Jäklův železářský průmysl (Jäkl´s Iron Industry) was granted the factory in 1922. The following years were milestones in the company´s history: 1929 when threaded tube production was established, and 1931-1932 when first open sections and then closed ones were consecutively included into the product range of the company - i.e. the product range which has formed the principal manufacturing programme of the present company yet. The company´s brand "JÄKL" was also passed on those products, and the products known as "Jäklovy profily" (Jäkl´s sections) came into subconsciousnesses of many customers. The next important period came after 1958 when the company was incorporated into the NHKG, n.p. state-owned company because of principal changes in the technology of the company occured. Outdated threaded-tube forge welding was replaced by a new welding mill complemented by a tube-reducing mill. Key plants of the company - i.e. section manufacturing plant, drawing plant, and galvanizing plant - were modernized. The last milstone in the company´s history was April 1, 1993 when the company entered - after execution of an agreement with the Nová Huť a.s. company - in the Companies Register as an independent company named Jäkl Karviná, a.s.

Czech Republic

Pipe / Profile Manufacturer