Our Confidentiality Policy

The terms of using and protecting the information obtained about you and services you requested during your visit at the Website and services used via the Website are subject to the conditions given on this “Confidentiality Policy”. When you visit the Website and use the services offered by the Website, you accept the terms listed on “Our Confidentiality Policy”.

1. Protecting and Using Information

Marketplace visitors / subscribers safely log in during registration and each transaction made. SteelOrbis uses 2048 bit SSL technology to offer a safer environment to its subscribers. Hence, information provided cannot be viewed by others online. This protection is not offered for information sent via channels such as e-mail. Without prejudice to the provisions written herein, information collected about users and subscribers are protected as confidential information and as carefully as we protect our trade secrets. Only company personnel shall have access to such information for the purpose of performing a service requested by a user or subscriber and to the extent required as well as other parties authorized for this purpose. Public information and your personal information might be disclosed if demanded by competent authorities or demanded under the law. Besides, SteelOrbis can disclose your identity / profile to third parties or state on the Website for the purpose of increasing number of subscribers and promoting electronic commerce system or for marketing purposes. SteelOrbis shall not accept any responsibility if the protection system is disabled by hackers. Personal data collected, stored y SteelOrbis, use of such information for statistical purposes or for the service to the provided or in case of foreseen circumstances as well as sharing such information with other parties shall be subject to Our Confidentiality Policy and Terms of Use & Legal Rights related to our website.

2. Information Resources

Personal information collected is used for offering the optimum service and consistently improving quality of such services. Such information is collected in three ways mentioned below.

a. Information provided by you

Information provided by you by using the Website and by sending via other channels such as e-mail, fax are received and recorded. Such information provided by the users is information offered in freewill. You are free to provide or not to provide such information but we suggest you to provide all the information requested by the website so that we can offer faster, accurate, effective service of better quality. Besides, you should considered that if you do not provide the necessary information required for the service you requested, your demand might not be processed. You are responsible for providing accurate and complete information. Do not provide wrong, misleading or incomplete information. Providing wrong, misleading or incomplete information or making such statements might have impact on validity of service required as well as responsibilities or rights. In that case, SteelOrbis shall not assume any responsibilities. If SteelOrbis suffers from any damages due to wrong, misleading or incomplete information you provided, you shall be obliged to compensate such damages. All users who accept the Subscription Contract and intend to subscribe to the Website should provide all company details but additional information might be requested. Records related to such information are always kept on system servers and used for current purposes of the Website. Information might be requested for informing other members in line with the Website’s goals, offering better service to the visitors and obtaining statistical data and information obtained can be used for such purposes.

b. Information obtained automatically

This type of information includes information collected during your previous website visits and services received through a recognition system known as “cookies” which enables our computers and operating systems to automatically recognize you when you visit our website. “Help” section on your computer’s menu explains what to do to restrict or disable this option. However, information obtained in this manner shall enable us quickly offering services of better quality and thus we suggest you to keep this option on.

c. Information obtained from other sources

This type of information includes information obtained from third parties and establishments for verifying the information you provided and keeping updated records of address, telephone number and such details and information obtained by us only if deemed appropriate and necessary. You hereby accept collecting and recording information in this way. However, SteelOrbis is not obliged to search for or check such information.

3. Other Terms of Use

Sections of the Website visited by our customers are recorded for the purpose of determining the demand for the Website and our service. Such information shall be used for preparing contents and advertisements to be shaped according to the needs of our customers. SteelOrbis can send daily newsletters to its customers about local and global steel markets as well as e-mails announcing new products and services as well as subscription deals. Please click on unsubscribe link at the bottom of such e-mails if you do not want to receive daily newsletter or deal or marketing e-mails from SteelOrbis. If you believe safety, confidentiality or reliability of SteelOrbis is breached, please call SteelOrbis Customer Services or send an e-mail to cs@steelorbis.com. Please send your comments and opinions about contents published by SteelOrbis by sending an e-mail to content@SteelOrbis.com or calling SteelOrbis Customer Services to share your view with our content team. Besides the terms and conditions listed herein, each person visiting the Website and / or requesting a service shall be considered as read the provisions of “Terms of Use & Legal Terms” and acknowledged the contents as is. The parties are subject to the provisions given on “Our Confidentiality Policy” and “Terms of Use & Legal Terms” as well as changes to be made by SteelOrbis from time to time. Unless otherwise is agreed in writing, you cannot make claims and demand rights from SteelOrbis that violate these provisions.



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