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Adeox Global Services is a wholly Nigerian brand with a global outlook, incorporated in 2011 to bridge the yearning gap for quality, efficient and effective service delivery in the industrial landscape. Our business concerns spans across a wide range of interest. Currently, we mine, process and mill API certified drilling grade bentonite and barite, and also, bentonite and barite for a wide range of other industrial applications such as in foundries, refractories, used as binders in the steel industries and a host of other industrial applications. Amongst our products also are Caustic soda, calcium chloride and other oil well drilling and completion chemicals. Due to our recent expansion in production of industrial drilling and completion chemicals, mostly barite, bentonite and calcium chloride, and our capacity to deliver over two thousand (2,000) Metric Tonnes of the above mentioned chemicals based on our corporate strength, business philosophy and our modus operandi of efficient and effective product delivery. It is safe to describe Adeox Global Services as one of the sustainers of most other Companies in the downstream sectors in Nigeria to a large extent, as the company remains a consistent supplier of mud Drilling-Chemical and other Industrial Solid Minerals to most Oil Servicing Companies, satisfactorily providing them with the needed oil drilling chemicals that meet the required standard and acceptable level of refinement. A greater emphasis is the Company's active involvement in the mining, processing and supply of both crude and processed Barium Sulphate (Barite) and bentonite.


Mining Company

2000 mton

2015 USD 500.001 - 2.000.000